Tips on Security

When purchasing security chain for what ever application always purchase the least length of chain that you can comfortable get away with, what you need to REMEMBER is not to allow the chain to come into contact with the ground as this will leave it vulnerable to attack in the form of using the ground as leverage whilst attacking via bolt croppers etc.

A close shackled padlock should also be used where ever possibly because again this lessens the likely hood of the shackle being bolt cropped.

We strongly recommend using approved security products that have been attack tested before gaining their certification, the two companies recognised by the Insurance companies are Sold Secure and Thatcham.

To read more about Sold Secure click on here or find the link under Information about – Sold Secure.

It is usually the chain that is attacked first so to ensure full security we have designed an approved security package to offer you peace of mind.

Thatcham approved package
Product code PJBPROMO3

By purchasing a quality approved product you can be rest assured that you have done the utmost to protect your possessions and home.